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TrackLogs v3 Software Updates

This download is applicable to all TrackLogs v3 users. To check the version of your installed software select "About TrackLogs" from the Help menu within your TrackLogs application.

TrackLogs Digital Mapping v3.18.02 Software Update

Compatibility : Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.

Size : 21,833KB. Language : English

TrackLogs v3.18.02 Release Notes:

The following changes are included in the v3.18.02 release of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

Print to Big Paper Sizes
The restriction on print size has been removed. You can now use the full paper size of your A3 or larger printer.
Jumpy Mice
Mouse would sometimes jump whilst trying to drag and drop waypoints. This was caused by the user setting "snap to default button dialog" and is fixed.
Default File Formats
File open now defaults to show all formats rather than just TrackLogs files. This makes it easier to find 3rd party files like GPX without having to change the drop down filter. Files with odd mixes of upper and lowercase letters in the file extension will now open correctly.
Missing Start Markers
The start of the primary path is marked with a large circle. This was being hidden when directions were disabled, start circle will now always be visible.
More digits in Grid References
The status bar now shows a 10 digit grid reference. This is in response to user requests for higher precision.
Autoscrolling Improvements
Autoscrolling at the map edge is now sensitive to the scale of the currently selected mapping making this feature more useful when drawing on smaller scale maps.
Improved Dialog
Added a little more space to the package import dialog to make it easier to read the name of the packages being imported.
Profile Bug Fixed
Fixed problems with the display of profiles on closed circular routes. These could sometimes show a solid black line across the profile from the end point to the start point. These should no longer be a problem.

TrackLogs v3.16.01 Release Notes:

The following changes are included in the v3.16.01 release of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

FIT File Format
Added support for reading the FIT file format via the "File => Open" command. This support the reading of tracks from Garmin derived FIT files as found in the Edge 500 and Edge 800 devices. Note that it is not possible to save out to the FIT file format as this would require use of Garmin proprietary extensions.
Support for FIT based Garmin devices
The latest training devices from Garmin (Edge 500/800) use a new file format for data transfer. This is supported for the reading of device history and pre-loaded courses. Courses may also be sent through the GPS interface which will now recognise and support these new devices. Note that when sending a course to the GPS, the course will not appear in the device until it is disconnected from the computer and switched on as the courses are translated by the device on boot.
Optional Point Filter on 3rd Party File Load
New options added to allow the user to specify whether a file loaded from a 3rd party file format is filtered on load. The filter may be enabled/disabled and a maximum error may be set. This is required for newer file formats such as TCX and FIT where point density is driven by sensor data capture so tends to be much higher.

TrackLogs v3.15.01 Release Notes:

The following changes are included in the v3.15.01 release of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

Extra Lat/Lon Position Formats
Positions displayed in the properties window can now display degrees plus decimal minutes. This option is selected from the units windows in tools->options and is intended for geocaching where this format is commonplace.
Support for ".loc" GeoCache File Format
Read and write support for ".loc" geocache files as defined by www.geocaching.com. This includes support for the internet weblink contained within the format which is displayed, and can be clicked, from the properties window.
New Gazeteer Technology
The search facility is migrated to a new, embedded database technology removing any dependancy on Microsoft SQL CE products. This has reduced the size of our software downloads and improved search performance.
GPS Symbol Correction
Some serial Garmin devices were showing an anchor as the default symbol for a waypoint transferred from TrackLogs. This is changed to show a dot.
GPS Detection Acceleration
Improvements in GPS detection have reduced the time taken to successfully identify all devices attached to the system.
Missing Nearby GPS Waypoints
Waypoints contained within a GPS, but without elevation (e.g. Waypoints created by Garmin BaseCamp) are now included when importing nearby waypoints on load from GPS.
Added Route support to Oregon/Dakota GPS
These devices permit navigation through routes OR tracks and the corresponding tabs are now available in the GPS transfer window.
Memory Fixes for Long Sessions
Problems associated with the overuse and loss of memory during extended sessions are resolved as part of a larger memory use audit.
Fix to Route Names
Problems rendering error messages associated with file names are fixed allowing full use of previously reserved characters. For example, route names may now include ampersands such as "Tom&Jerry.trl"
120dpi with Tools Options
The tools->options window now supports the larger font sizes available through Windows desktop personalisation. This completes support for these higher DPI modes.
Printing Multiple Copies
This could cause additional pages to be produced by some printers and is fixed. This is unrelated to spreading maps over multiple pages.
Sliding Windows
Tool windows placed in the auto-hide mode now slide in and out more smoothly irrespective of tool load.
File Associations and Direct Open
File icons shown next to files in Windows Explorer are now correctly associated for .trl files. Windows Explorer may also be used to launch and open a TrackLogs file by double clicking. Once open, additional files may be dragged and dropped into TrackLogs.

Written by TrackLogs Digital Mapping. Copyright TrackLogs Digital Mapping 2002-2019. All rights reserved. Please send any comments, questions or feedback to support@tracklogs.co.uk

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