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TrackLogs v2 Software Updates

The files in the following table are applicable to customers wishing to update version two software WITHOUT migrating to version three. Please note that to use these downloads you must already have a fully licensed version of TrackLogs Digital Mapping installed on your PC.

SizeDescriptionDownload Link
9,807KBTrackLogs Digital Mapping V2.08 UpdateDownload Now

Download Instructions:

All downloadable files are listed in the table. To download a file right click on the "Download Now" link and select "Save Target As" to save a copy on your local hard drive. Each file has a brief description and corresponding file size listed in the table. Some of the files are quite large and you should allow about 4mins/MB download time for a standard modem connection.

Installation Instructions:

Installation of your free update is quite simple and is fully explained in a separate file listed in the download table. We recommend you take the time to download and read this file from start to finish prior to updating your TrackLogs Digital Mapping software.

TrackLogs v2.08 Release Notes:

The following changes are included in the v2.08 release of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

New GPS Protocols
Added support for new Garmin GPS protocols required to support the USB based colour eTrex models.
Garmin Forerunner Protocols
Fixed bug in track identification when transferring saved data from a Garmin Forerunner.
Garmin Protocol Correction
Protocol violations issued by some firmware releases of Garmin GPS causing failure to communicate with device. This is fixed in both TrackLogs and in Garmin firmware and we recommend downloading the latest firmware for your GPS if using a GPSMAP60C(S).
Track Preview in GPS Transfer
Fixed problem where tracks were not correctly previewed in the GPS dialogue window during data transfer.
Magellan GPS Problems
Some Magellan GPS devices failed to communicate with version 2.07 of TrackLogs. This is fixed and the following formats are now supported, "NMEA Off" and "NMEA v1.5 xxx".
Extended USB Support
Extended USB driver support to include Windows 98. All operating systems except Win NT now support USB data transfer.

TrackLogs v2.07 Release Notes:

The following changes are included in the v2.07 release of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

Hidden Waypoint Handling
Waypoints can no longer be moved, selected or interacted with in any way when hidden by deselecting the "View Waypoints" option.
Missing GPS Waypoint Label Prefixes
When transferring information to a GPS the user defined prefix was not correctly applied to waypoints in all instances. This is now fixed such that all points and waypoints receive the prefix in a consistent manner.
Waypoint Prefix in GPS Routes
Autonumbered waypoints sent as part of a GPS tracklog are now labelled in the form "Prefix + W + 2 Digits" for consistency with autonumbered waypoints generated within GPS routes.
Default Track Style not Applying Correctly
This is fixed such that the default track style will be applied to all newly created routes for all future sessions.
User Options not Saved on Exit
It is no longer necessary to force user defined options to be saved on exit using the "Save as Default" button from within the tools options dialogue. This button has been removed and all settings are now automatically saved on exit and recovered on application startup.
View Nearby Items not Always Showing all Routes
When the route index window is hidden and view nearby routes is enabled, nearby routes are not shown on the mapping until explicitly selected. This is fixed and all items in the current folder will be shown immediately.
Undo of First Route Edit
Under some circumstances the first edit made to a route could not be undone. This is fixed and affects routes selected from the internal database only.
Undo Command ReLocks Route
The "undo" process could incorrectly change the lock state of a route. Undo no longer changes the lock state which must be manually changed using the padlock icon on the toolbar.
Lost Print Area under Copyright Notice
Mapping area was incorrectly including the page area lost to the copyright notice causing a loss of map data when mapping spread over multiple pages crossed the copyright notice.
Printer Margins
Problem with print margins fixed such that user defined print margins will be respected where the printer supports a definable margin.
Printed Page Overlap
Maps printed over multiple pages can now be configured to include a user defined overlap area between pages. This addresses the problems of navigation at the page edge.
3D View Application Error
Fixed problem leading to fatal errors in the 3D view when slider controls are adjusted or during route playback.
3D View Refreshing
Modifications made to 3D view to improve the refresh behaviour when user options are adjusted.
Route Creation after Printing
Windows 98 users may have experienced an error on addition of trackpoints to a new route immediately after printing. This is fixed.

TrackLogs v2.06 Release Notes:

The following changes are included in the v2.06 release of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

Corrupted Magellan GPS Data Transfer
Fixed problem where some Magellan GPS users may have seen position corruption in co-ordinates transferred from an attached GPS device.
Magellan GPS Identification Error
Some Magellan devices were incorrectly handled after initial device identification causing an inability to transfer data. This may also have left the GPS in a "data transfer" mode on certain units. Identification process is modified to fix this error.
Magellan GPS Conversation Logging
Added an option, enabled from within Options=>WorkSpace=>Logs, to record GPS conversations to the tool transcript. This is defaulted to off and may be optionally enabled to assist in the diagnosis of GPS communication problems.
Entry Point Not Found Error in WinNT
Some WinNT users may have observed an "entry point" error on starting TrackLogs. The exact wording of the error is "The procedure entry point SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetailA could not be located in the dynamic link library SETUPAPI.dll". This was caused by the addition of the Garmin USB driver support and affected releases 2.04 - 2.05. The WinNT platform will now run TrackLogs correctly but without support for the USB GPS devices.
Renaming Route from Properties Window
When launched from a double click on the route name in the navigator window, the process of route renaming can be unreliable. This is now fixed and routes can be reliably renamed in this manner.

TrackLogs v2.05 Release Notes:

The following changes are included in the v2.05 release of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

Additional GPS Model Support
The existing list of compatible GPS devices has been extended to included the latest models from Garmin plus all Magellan models. Users with GPS models still not supported are encouraged to contact TrackLogs with make and model details.
GPS route transfer
Waypoint handling during data transfer to GPS route is modified to correctly include user defined waypoints. These may be optionally included in the route according to user specified distance from track.
Removed waypoint text limits
Descriptive text added to waypoints was incorrectly limited in length by the entry box. This box is modified to include scrolling capability for longer waypoint descriptions.
Fixed Route Initials
Autogenerated prefixes for GPS waypoint transfer are now correctly using route name initials when route name contains non alphanumeric characters.

TrackLogs v2.04 Release Notes:

All user relevant changes made to TrackLogs Digital Mapping between versions 2.00 and 2.04 have been combined into these release notes.

Garmin USB Support
Added USB interfacing for Garmin devices. Note that this requires a USB compatible Garmin device such as the GPSMap60 and also requires the USB device drivers to be installed (these are supplied on CDROM with the GPS unit).
Rx Transfer Error with Garmin Forerunner
Problem identified preventing the transfer of stored logs from the Garmin Forerunner GPS. This is fixed pending further information from Garmin to add additional Forerunner capability.
Fatal Error transferring waypoints from GPSMap72/76, GPSIII, GPSV
Problem identified transferring waypoints from GPS at end of Rx Tracklog Data Transfer. This is now fixed.
3D Terrain - Incorrect tile drawing following position change
Errors in the tile priority algorithms have been identified when moving a long distance between areas of installed mapping. This caused tiles to be drawn in the incorrect order and is now fixed.
3D Terrain - Replicated tiles out at sea
Areas not covered by OS digital mapping, e.g. far out to sea, were incorrectly re-using mapping tiles from the current tile buffers. This is fixed and out of bounds areas are now drawn with default blanks.
3D Terrain - Tile Reuse Algorithms
TrackLogs utilises "reuse" algorithms to optimise the selection and display of OS mapping data. Problem identified causing mapping behind the user to be flushed when camera is positioned on the ground. This is now fixed allowing tile buffers to be used optimally when rotating the ground based camera.
3D Terrain - Flashing White Rectangles
Problem identified with tile selection algorithms causing some mapping rectangles to be drawn twice, flashing white in the process. This is fixed.

Written by TrackLogs Digital Mapping. Copyright TrackLogs Digital Mapping 2002-2019. All rights reserved. Please send any comments, questions or feedback to support@tracklogs.co.uk

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