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TrackLogs software contains digital mapping licensed from the Ordnance Survey. As a licensed partner of the Ordnance Survey TrackLogs receives all the latest revisions of OS digital mapping and we ensure that the products delivered to you contain the very latest datasets. Our current range of digital mapping software includes the following Ordnance Survey datasets.


Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Digital Raster (Explorer)




This map data is exactly the same as you will find in the popular Ordnance Survey Explorer paper map series (orange maps). Of all the mapping available in TrackLogs the 1:25K Explorer data has the most detail and is perfect for very precise work in geographically complex areas. You may remember the older Outdoor Leisure map series (yellow maps). These have also been absorbed into the new Explorer map range which covers the entire Great Britain landmass.


Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Digital Raster (LandRanger)




This map data is exactly the same as you will find in the popular Ordnance Survey Landranger paper map series (pink maps). It shows rights of way including footpaths, bridleways, rupps and byways. It also includes landform information such as contours, rivers, marshes, walls etc.


Ordnance Survey 1:250,000 Digital Raster (RoadMap)




You may see this type of mapping in a UK road atlas. It shows the UK road network as well as built up areas and contouring information.


Ordnance Survey 1:1,000,000 Digital Raster (MiniScale)




The smallest scale digital mapping available to license from the Ordnance Survey. We use this map data as a navigational aid to help you quickly locate specific areas before pushing through to larger scale maps more suitable for route planning. You can of course plan routes on the miniscale map if you wish.


Aerial Photography 1:33,000 Digital Raster




The aerial photography data creates a seamless visual layer over the whole of England and Wales. Real photos taken by aerial survey. Use this data to add real world information to your digital mapping.


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