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20th Jan 2010
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TrackLogs Digital MappingTrackLogs Digital Mapping

Which GPS devices are supported by TrackLogs Digital Mapping?

TrackLogs supports the transfer of information to and from compatible GPS devices. The following tables list the minimum TrackLogs software version required for each supported device.

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Garmin Navigation

Garmin navigation devices are hand held units for use out on the trail. Their features focus purely on navigation including track following, waypointing and varying levels of mapping capability.

Device FamilyTrackLogs Version
Colorado, Oregon, Dakota (All Models)
GPSMap 62 (All Models)
GPSMap60 (Cx, CSx)
GPSMAP 72/76 (Cx, CSx)
eTrex HC/HCx
eTrex Cx
GPSMap60 (C, CS)
GPSMAP 72/76 (C, CS)
ForeTrex (All Models)
eTrex Legend C, Vista C
eTrex (Monochrome)
Geko (All Models)

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Garmin Fitness

Garmin fitness devices are GPS enabled units with a focus on fitness training. Navigational features are replaced with more fitness orientated facilities such as virtual training partners, training totals, laps and pace reports. Some fitness units cross the boundaries into navigation and can be used for a combination of the two.

Device FamilyTrackLogs Version
Edge (500/800)v3.16.01
Edge (605/705)v3.14.00
ForeRunner (405)v3.13.00
Edge (205/305)
ForeRunner (205, 305)
ForeRunner (301)v3.04.00
Forerunner (101,201)v2.08

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

GPS Enabled Phone/PDA

You can transfer information between TrackLogs and a GPS enabled phone/PDA subject to the capabilities of the navigation software running on the device. TrackLogs does this by reading and writing GPX formatted files. One example is Nokia Sports Tracker which works on GPS enabled Nokia mobile phones and will export a GPX formatted file. Please note that the TrackLogs application will not run directly on your smartphone or PDA.

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Other GPS Devices

If you have a GPS enabled device which we haven't already mentioned then it may still be possible to transfer information depending on the capabilities of the navigation software running on the device. Look for an option to export a GPX formatted file then load that file directly into TrackLogs. If your device also accepts GPX files for navigation then TrackLogs can be used to plan and create these.

Written by TrackLogs Digital Mapping. Copyright TrackLogs Digital Mapping 2002-2019. All rights reserved. Please send any comments, questions or feedback to support@tracklogs.co.uk

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