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TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Route Planning

More than just a map, all TrackLogs products include route planning and route management software tools. Use your mouse to plan routes on the map, then add text descriptions and full written route instructions.

Branches and Junctions
A TrackLogs route isn't just A to B. Create track junctions, branches or a whole mesh of track then choose and analyse your preferred path through it.
Drag and Drop
Easy to use component toolbox lets you drag and drop items onto the map.
Colour & Transparency
All route components can be customised to your preferred look and feel. That includes controlling the colours, line styles and transparency of your map annotations.
Undo Redo History
Full undo and redo history to correct any mistakes whilst route planning plus a handy tool window to visualise your editing history.
Custom Components
Drop a component onto the map then customise it with your own icon and colouring scheme. Now drag it back into the toolbox as a custom component for use in all your routes.

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