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TrackLogs Digital Mapping

GPS Support

TrackLogs can communicate with popular handheld GPS units[1]. You can download the contents of your GPS for post trip analysis or send a pre-planned route to the device for navigation in the field.

Transfer routes to and from your GPS
A quick and easy way to navigate a predefined route is to transfer it into a GPS unit. The GPS will compare your current position against the route and point you in the right direction.

Trackpoint filters
Each generation of GPS increases the device storage capacity and the high numbers of trackpoints can be difficult to manage. TrackLogs includes intelligent algorithms to filter the points down to a more manageable level whilst retaining the accuracy of your stored track.

Garmin course support
GPS is now expanding out of pure navigation and into areas such as personal fitness training. Garmin Courses combine navigation around a pre-planned route with pacing information. TrackLogs can use its internal elevation models to generate terrain aware Garmin courses without pre-travelling the route.

1. Please refer to our list of compatible GPS devices to check your GPS is supported.

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