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TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Elevation Profile

Using our built in digital elevation models we calculate and display profile information. These graphical profiles update dynamically as you plan your route and include additional measurement cursors for detailed analysis.

Colour Coded Elevation Profile
The upper surface of the profile can be colour coded to depict route attributes. Either select a pre-defined attribute (e.g. surface type, difficulty) or define your own.

Performance Overlay
Notice the second axis on the right. This is used to show an optional performance overlay of either speed, heartrate or cadence[1]. We can estimate your speed using internal Naismith models or use real data extracted from a GPS.

Measurement Cursors
Shown in transparent yellow, the measurment cursors can be dragged into position to measure statistics for sections of the profile. Drag either edge or slide the whole measurement region for instant calculation of distances, elevation changes, gradients and time estimates.

Naismith Driven Time Profiles
Switch the horizontal axis to show time and we get the same elevation profile but this time relating elevation to time of day. Set a start time for your trip and you can predict where you'll be at any time. Great for picking a lunch spot.

1. Heartrate and cadence information is extracted from compatible GPS units.

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