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19th Jan 2010
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Which file formats does TrackLogs support?

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

TrackLogs Digital Mapping supports the following file formats:

.trl (TRackLogs native file format)
This is the default file format used by TrackLogs. It is proprietary to TrackLogs and can store all aspects of a route designed within the TrackLogs application. There are two flavours of the TRL file format, both of which can be read by the latest TrackLogs v3 software.
.gpx (GPs eXchange format)
Defined as a mechanism for the transfer of GPS related information between GIS platforms and supported by a wide range of navigation devices. This is an excellent format for getting information from a third party device into TrackLogs.
.tcx (Training Center eXchange format)
This is a Garmin proprietary format used for the transfer of training data to and from GPS enabled fitness devices. TrackLogs can read and write these formats creating all the components required for virtual partners.
.mxf, .rxf (Maptech route and waypoint eXchange Formats)
These are simple lists of track and waypoints. If you have a list of points, perhaps in a spreadsheet, then these formats offer a simple way to input your data into TrackLogs.

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