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13th Jan 2010
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TrackLogs Digital MappingTrackLogs Digital Mapping

Are TrackLogs maps seamless?

Yes, all TrackLogs maps install seamlessly into a single software application. There are no joins, edges or transitions between the maps. Routes can be planned and printed over the combined area of all your installed mapping. There is no delay or manual intervention required when panning between areas.

Extending the Seamless Mapping Area

Additional maps can be purchased at a later date and installed into TrackLogs. The digital data supplied with each purchase is integrated into the TrackLogs application extending the area of available mapping.

A Seamless Route Planning Example

The most popular areas of the Lake District are covered by a set of four 1:25,000 scale Explorer maps. With all four maps installed TrackLogs shows uninterrupted mapping for the entire Lake District area. Routes can now be planned and printed anywhere in the Lake District without any concern for map boundaries.

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