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14th Jan 2010
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TrackLogs Digital MappingTrackLogs Digital Mapping

What are the system requirements?

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

TrackLogs Digital Mapping is designed to work on a wide range of PCs. We understand that not everyone will have the latest computers and we have intentionally designed the software to work well on low spec machines but, like all software, the more powerful your PC the faster the software will operate. This will be most noticeable in product features like map scrolling, zooming and printing.

Operating System
All versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista. Please note that TrackLogs software is not designed to run on older Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 and 95. There is no Mac version of TrackLogs Digital Mapping.

Optical Drive
The majority of TrackLogs products are delivered on CDROM, larger products such as 1:50,000 countries use DVD. The type of disc used is listed on each TrackLogs product page. To transfer the maps onto your PC you will need access to an appropriate optical drive. If you are not sure whether your PC can read DVD's, look for the DVD logo on the front of the optical drive.

Digital mapping is processor intensive. Complicated calculations are required to prepare the mapping data for display and to handle the necessary co-ordinate system translations to support geodetic systems all around the world. TrackLogs will run on any processor and we recommend anything from the P4 upwards. TrackLogs is a threaded application and will run especially well on the latest multithread core i5/i7/i9 processors.

The amount of memory in your PC makes a big difference to the software speed. TrackLogs Digital Mapping is designed to use system memory as efficiently as possible and we recommend a minimum of 512Mbytes of system memory and preferably 1GByte.

Disk Space
Digital mapping requires the manipulation of high resolution graphical images which must be stored on your hard disk. These images are compressed and encrypted to reduce the amount of space required but are still relatively large. Disk space required by the TrackLogs Digital Mapping will vary from 40MBytes to 5Gbytes depending on the amount of mapping installed.

There is no size restriction on the screen display. Larger screens will obviously allow you to view more map for a given map scale. We recommend at least 1024x768 (XVGA) pixels. TrackLogs Digital Mapping requires at least 65536 colours (16 bit screen mode or higher). TrackLogs supports multi-monitor displays.

Written by TrackLogs Digital Mapping. Copyright TrackLogs Digital Mapping 2002-2019. All rights reserved. Please send any comments, questions or feedback to support@tracklogs.co.uk

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