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29th Jan 2010
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How can I tell what mapping I have available?

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Installed areas are shown on the GB map in the navigator window. The areas shown correspond to the currently selected map scale and each scale is colour coded, e.g. Orange for Explorer, Purple for Landranger.

These shaded areas give a quick visual confirmation of the areas installed and, by moving the red cursor around the navigator window, you can quickly locate installed map areas avoiding the "lost" feeling which can arise when searching for mapping.

If you can't see the shaded areas then try right clicking on the map. The popup menu contains an option to disable this facility. We've included this so users with large areas of mapping installed (e.g. whole countries) can turn off the shading.

By default, datasets available in full country only (e.g. miniscale or roadmap) do not show up as shaded areas.

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