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29th Jan 2010
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How do I update my Ordnance Survey mapping?

Your TrackLogs maps include data licensed from the Ordnance Survey. This data is updated periodically by the Ordnance Survey. When your maps reach a few years old you may wish to update the digital mapping data. You can do this by purchasing a map update.

How to purchase a map update.

Map updates are available at the bottom of each product page. Each product has its own corresponding map update. Map updates for site centred maps are also available. Purchasing a map update is done just like a standard product. We will ask you to confirm that you already own a fully licensed copy of the map as this is REQUIRED for any map update. Our updates are discounted 40% off the normal list price. If you own multiple maps you can update any or all of them individually at any time.

How to install your update.

Your map update is supplied on CDROM and should be imported into TrackLogs in the usual manner. TrackLogs will detect the newest version of each map tile and display it accordingly. Please note that if reinstalling TrackLogs on a new computer you must also import the full version of the map from the original CDROM to ensure all tiles are fully licensed.

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