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14th Jan 2010
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TrackLogs Digital MappingTrackLogs Digital Mapping

Can I print out the maps?

Yes, the Ordnance Survey licence that is supplied with a TrackLogs digital map permits unlimited quantities of personal use printing.

Printing at alternative scales.

Unlike their paper equivalents, digital maps can be zoomed in and out, effectively changing the scale of the printed map. This can produce easier to read maps that make the best use of the page space.

Printing across multiple pages.

For larger areas you can span your printed map across multiple pages. You still control the scale, position and area printed and can set the number of pages tall and wide in either portrait or landscape. A percentage overlap can be specified to replicate map edges on adjacent sheets, removing the problems associated with navigating over map page boundaries.

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Choosing the right printer.

Digital maps are large digital images and share many of the properties of a digital photograph. Any printer producing good printed photographs will produce good printed maps. Colour inkjets produce the best results, colour lasers are also good although colours are often more muted. Look for a good photo quality paper, but not necessarily the most expensive as high gloss is not required.

If you are printing on waterproof paper then please check the manufacturer's instructions for printer recommendations.

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