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14th Jan 2010
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Can I install TrackLogs on an external hard drive?

TrackLogs Digital Mapping

Yes and no. You should install the TrackLogs application into the location recommended by Microsoft during the software installation, you can however move the storage location for the maps.

Why move the map storage location?

Some users prefer to store their maps in an alternative location, perhaps a second hard drive, due to space limitations on the computer's main hard drive. Another reason might be to install the maps in a centralised location such as a media storage hub. From this centralised location the maps will be visible to any computers in your home network removing the need to manage multiple copies of mapping data.

How to change the map storage location.

Start TrackLogs and select 'Tools=>Options' from the main menu then, using the options window, navigate to the 'Workspace=>Folders' section. The uppermost folder location is labelled 'System', this is where your maps are stored.

If you change the path set for the system folder you will need to reimport your maps from CDROM. Alternatively you can exit TrackLogs and manually move the mapping files from the old location to the new folder.

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