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18th Jan 2010
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Do you sell international maps?

No, our maps cover Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)[1]. We do not have maps of Europe, Americas or areas of the British Isles not covered by the Ordnance Survey of GB. We are aware of the demand for mapping in these alternative regions and review the situation regularly.

Isle of Man

We have mapping for the Isle of Man available in 1:50,000 scale Landranger. Unfortunately, at this time Ordnance Survey have no plans to produce a 1:25,000 scale map of the island.


Ireland is covered by its own Ordnance Survey (The Ordnance Survey of Ireland). We do not have a map licensing agreement with the Ordnance Survey of Ireland and are unable to supply any digital maps of Southern or Northern Ireland.

Channel Islands

Whilst the Ordnance Survey do have paper mapping for some of the Channel Islands it is not available in the digital format required by TrackLogs. At this time we are unable to provide digital maps of the Channel Islands.

[1] Aerial photography is not currently available for Scotland.

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