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29th Jan 2010
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Can I upgrade from TrackLogs v2 to TrackLogs v3?

Any TrackLogs v2 map can be upgraded to v3. This includes both standard products and maps from our site centred service. We are no longer offering our route guides as CD products so upgrades are not applicable to these. Upgrades are priced at a 40% discount.

How to upgrade?

To upgrade to TrackLogs v3 you must purchase "mapping updates" for each of your TrackLogs v2 products. For example, if you own the two Peak District Explorer maps, you should purchase two mapping updates, one for each of the two Peak District Explorer maps. These mapping updates include our new v3 software plus a complete resupply of Ordnance Survey data applicable to your product. All upgrade data is the newest available from the Ordnance Survey. You will automatically receive any additional data now included with v3 maps such as the place name gazetteer.

How do I install the upgrade?

It's very easy and full instructions are included. The process involves installing the TrackLogs v3 software as normal then importing licence information from your old v2 CDROMs. You must keep your v2 CDROMs as they are required to validate your v3 upgrade software. Without your v2 CDROM you will not be able to run your new software. If you bin, burn, sell or otherwise dispose of your TrackLogs v2 CDROMs and need to reinstall your v3 upgrade you will not be able to.

Transferring my Routes

Your v2 routes are compatible with TrackLogs v3. However, TrackLogs v3 uses a file based mechanism where each file is saved as a normal windows file. To transfer your routes you will need to save your v2 routes to an external file using the "File=>Save As" menu command. You will then be able to load them into TrackLogs v3.

Software updates to v3

Upgrading your maps to TrackLogs v3 qualifies you for free v3.x updates. These free updates will last for the life of the TrackLogs v3 product.

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