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14th Jan 2010
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How much disk space is required?

TrackLogs Digital Mapping uses large digital images which take up disk space. The amount of space required depends on how much mapping you have. The following table gives approximate disk space requirements for each of the TrackLogs Digital Mapping products.

Disk Space Requirements
Explorer Maps40MBN/AN/A[1]
National ParksN/A200MBN/A[1]
GB RegionsN/A420MBN/A[1]
Great BritainN/A3.80GB160MB[2]

1. Installing multiple products will increase the disk space required. For example two non-overlapping national parks will approximately double the disk space required. Where two products overlap (e.g. adjacent regions) the total disk space required will be slightly less than double as the overlapping areas are only stored once.

2. The mapping data for the 50K large area products is provided in multiple package files. Each package file includes mapping for a single OS Zone. You may install one, many or all of the package files to control your disk space requirement.

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