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29th Jan 2010
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So which compass is best with a GPS?

Silva Expedition 54
Silva Expedition 54

You should be carrying a compass to back up your GPS but which one. Since you have a GPS you might as well get a compass which can add some value when used with your GPS system.

The most common task you'll find yourself doing is taking a grid reference from your GPS and finding the location on a printed map. You do this using roamer scales which are graded rectangles on the baseplate of a compass corresponding to the grids on the map. Different maps use different sized grids so the more roamer scales a compass has the more flexible it will be when it comes to finding grid references on different map familes.

Remember, if you're printing a map from TrackLogs Digital Mapping then you can use our print tools to create maps at any scale. If you want to use a compass roamer scale then you should select a fixed scale for your map prints which corresponds to your compass roamer scale. This is precisely why our print tools support creating map prints at very precise, user supplied map scales.

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