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20th Jan 2010
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What's the difference between 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps?

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The numbers refer to the scale of the maps. In a 1:25,000 scale map, objects are drawn at 1:25,000th of their actual size. Objects drawn in a 1:50,000 scale map are drawn at 1:50,000th of their actual size. Maps with the highest level of detail are sometimes referred to as 'large scale', indicating that objects appear relatively large on the mapping. This can cause confusion since the larger scale maps have smaller scale numbers.

The illustration shows a single kilometre square of mapping in two different mapping scales. At 1:25,000 scale (the upper image), the kilometre reduces to 4cm x 4cm [1] which is plenty of space to draw a very high level of detail. At 1:50,000 scale (the lower image) the kilometre reduces further to 2cm x 2cm and the landscape features are drawn with reduced detail.

1:25,000 Scale Explorer

This map data is exactly the same as you will find in the popular Ordnance Survey Explorer paper map series (orange maps). Of all the mapping available in TrackLogs the 1:25K Explorer data has the most detail and is perfect for very precise work in geographically complex areas. Detail only available in 1:25,000 scale includes minor paths, field boundaries and open access areas.

You may remember the older Outdoor Leisure map series (yellow maps). These have also been absorbed into the new Explorer map range which covers the entire Great Britain landmass.

1:50,000 Scale Landranger

This map data is exactly the same as you will find in the popular Ordnance Survey Landranger paper map series (pink maps). It shows rights of way including footpaths, bridleways, rupps and byways. It also includes landform information such as contours, rivers, marshes and walls.

[1] The map scale defines the nominal size of a kilometre square. Digital maps can be zoomed, effectively magnifying the existing drawn detail. Our illustrations are zoomed slightly to improve clarity.

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